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Westpak are pleased to announce the launch of their new dedicated 'Extrasan' website ( The 'Extrasan' division of the company has provided sanitisers, disinfectants and a comprehensive selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) for several years and played a critical role in supplying protective equipment throughout 2020, during the sustained height of the Coronavirus pandemic. This service ran parallel to Westpak's core product ranges, which focuses on sustainable food packaging. However, as we continue to collectively battle against COVID-19, the need for protective equipment equipment remains prevalent for businesses across the UK. The establishing of Extrasan's dedicated website signifies that the sub-brand has every intention of remaining a trusted supplier of protective equipment to businesses into 2021 and beyond. 
The new Extrasan website provides the ideal platform to showcase the continually evolving range of PPE and sanitising equipment, as products rapidly adapt to the changing requirements and best practices in combating the spread of Coronavirus. A series of new additions to the Extrasan range have also recently been made available and are featured on the new website. 
In addition to featuring the full range of sanitisation, PPE and COVID testing equipment, the new Extrasan website will also offer the latest industry news with insights from various government bodies and safety organisations. 
While the new Extrasan website will provide comprehensive product details and news, our service and order processing will remain with the Westpak team who are happy to answer any product enquiries you may have as well as advising on quantities and options to best suit your organisation's specific needs and requirements. 
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