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  • We'll give you the widest choice

    To deliver a packaging solution, you need inspiration. Westpak have built up a huge range of specialist packaging products that we can supply off-the-shelf... and when even this won't do - we'll design to your specific needs! Westpak focus on offering 'something different'. If you are tired of seeing the same old packaging designs - give us a call!

  • We'll ensure continual supply

    How many times do packers run into the buyers office holding the last box of packaging and yell "we've run out boss"! Given the challenges faced in stock management, Westpak work to reduce the fluctuations by taking a proactive approach and overseeing the supply.  We can set up live product usage forecasts that factor in supermarket promotions, set up regular standing orders, or put in an agreed reminder phone call to check stock. Your account manager will be more than happy to discuss supply that is tailored to your needs.

  • We'll support you with our knowledge

    The Westpak team have years of hands on experience. We know this industry is fast-paced, high pressure and with long work hours - we do that too! We've toured countless packhouses in the UK and provided cost-effective solutions to bring savings in many areas. We can recommend specific packaging to best suit your process machinery, to best comply with your supermarket customer or to bring that 'wow' factor to a new product launch.

  • We'll get it there when you need it

    Whether it be free product samples, a quotation, or a critical delivery - we'll do our best to get to you on time. Is it about making sure every order turns up with you tomorrow morning? No. We understand you may not want it until next Tuesday, or some other specific date. No problem - we fit around your needs.

  • We'll guarantee a smile

    When working with Westpak you are dealing with a friendly team with a passion for outstanding customer service. We believe in enjoyable, productive business transactions; and remember: you can never give away a smile. It always comes back!