WRAP and Behaviour Change unite to fight the climate emergency

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With concern over the climate emergency intensifying but with little focus on the impact of individual consumption, ‘WRAP’ has joined forces with ‘ehaviour Change’ to fill this void. The partnership expands WRAP’s behaviour change capabilities on some of society’s most pressing environmental issues such as food waste, plastic pollution and recycling. The partnership will empower the public to be part of urgent action necessary on the carbon emissions embedded in the items we buy and use every day.

Marcus Gover, CEO WRAP said, “…Changing behaviour at scale can generate huge benefits and together Behaviour Change and WRAP will drive forward change through the businesses and governments we work with – here and around the world – and through our work with the public.”

David Hall, Executive Director of Behaviour Change, said, “…We all know that people have a tendency to make decisions that are against their own interests and those of society and the planet. We are focused on learning about what really works to change behaviour for the better and then scaling it up. Working hand in hand with WRAP will enable us to do this in bigger, more effective ways that start to answer the huge sustainability challenges that both organisations exist to tackle.”

The new partnership means a deeper and closer relationship between WRAP and Behaviour Change. It will significantly help businesses who work with the two organisations reach their customers with environmental messaging more effectively, and by engaging directly with the public through a suite of citizen facing brands including ‘Love Food Hate Waste’, ‘Recycle Now’ and ‘Clear on Plastics’.

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