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Westpak Group Ltd supply diverse and sustainably-aware packaging solutions to some of the biggest names in the UK’s grocery and foodservice industries. The company’s reputation is built upon over 20 years of experience and is underpinned by its commitment to ‘bold thinking, reliable execution’. Westpak are proud to offer a comprehensive and continually evolving product collection as well providing impartial advice to clients and helping them realise tailored packaging solutions where required.


The company was founded in 1999 by Doug Hicks, who demonstrated an undeniable commitment to customer service with an ability to view the industry’s challenges and opportunities from his customers’ perspective. Over the last 22 years, the business and evolved significantly but remains family-run with a close-knit ethos. Managing Director, Seth Hicks, and his team have continued to build upon the company’s customer-centric approach and have matched this with major investments and continued growth in infrastructure and logistical capabilities.

The company now operates from its contemporary offices in Keston, Kent, and maintains close ties with its vast and highly modernised warehouse facility, also based in Kent.

Bold Thinking

Westpak’s bold thinking encapsulates a range of attributes. The company has built a strong reputation for its impartiality in advising clients on the best solutions for their exact needs, taking into account a range of different stakeholder considerations. The advice we provide is guided by a true level of expertise, not just in relation to immediate packaging considerations, but also around wider issues of sustainability and environmental impact. We are able to advise on the ideal sustainable solution with a thorough and accurate understanding of the broad environmental impact of each product.

We also place a strong value on innovation, where we seek to only work with the leading suppliers who are able to utilise the latest technology, processes and efficiencies. We continually seek to be ‘ahead of the curve’, not just understanding our customers’ needs, but predicting and proactively responding to future industry considerations and developments.

Reliable Execution

We realise the importance of our role in the supply chain and we highly value the level of trust that each of our clients places in us. We understand that logistical expertise remains essential and aim to constantly achieve and surpass these industry requirements through working with the latest technology. This is evident in the scale and technical proficiency of our Kent-based warehouse facility, our stringent focus on data accuracy and our BRC industry standard accreditation. We work with household names across the grocery sector, providing flexible solutions to a highly dynamic market. We also work with a range of key brands and businesses throughout the foodservice industry offering standardised packaging as well as helping to realise tailored solutions to a rapidly evolving market.

Looking to the future

As a business that values an innovative approach across all areas, we are constantly looking ahead to ensure we are able to provide the latest packaging products and services to suit your company’s needs. Our Extrasan sub-brand, for example, continues to proactively adjust to the ever-changing demands of the Coronavirus pandemic by providing a dependable supply of PPE. Additionally, as awareness around environmental sustainability continues to grow and become an ever-larger business objective for our clients, we look to continue to offer a refined level of knowledge and product recommendations.

The Team

Overseen by Managing Director, Seth Hicks, the Westpak team is comprised of various client-focused professionals, including key account managers as well as professionals in customer service. Our focus on logistical precision is upheld by our purchasing and supply chain manager, while wider areas of the business are supported by our business development and marketing staff. Westpak is of course also supported by its dedicated network of warehouse management professionals.

Seth Hicks

Seth Hicks

Managing Director

Seth has been with the Westpak for almost 20 and has been closely involved with various areas of the business. As Managing Director, Seth is responsible for the Westpak’s overall direction and vision.

This remains rooted in dedicated customer service coupled with an innovative, responsive approach. Seth has a highly technical product knowledge and understanding of the issues and opportunities the wider industry faces which, in turn, is applied to the needs of Westpak’s clients. 


Jim Hicks

Key Account Manager

With over 13 years of experience at Westpak alone, Jim beings a wealth of expertise to the position of key account manager. Jim has forged many long-standing client relationships.

From finding ideal solutions for urgent packaging requirements to advising customers on their current and future needs, Jim offers essential support for our customer base.

Amos Hicks

Key Account Manager

Amos manages a range of key customer accounts, offering expert advice on the latest industry developments. He also works with the wider supply chain, helping introduce innovative products. 

Amos brings an open-minded approach to finding the best possible solution and draws upon 7 years of experience at Westpak, working across both supply chain and sales areas of the business.

Silas Hicks

Silas Hicks

Business Development

Silas acts as our wholesaler account manager across the rapidly evolving food service industry. He works alongside various parties in bringing innovative and sustainable products to the market.

Silas also focusses on the clarity and speed of communication with his clients, ensuring they receive exactly that they need with precise timing and organisation.


Mihaela Chetran

Customer Accounts

Mihaela recently joined Westpak as our customer account manager and is responsible for the strong, personable relationships with our customers which is so critical to Westpak’s approach and values.

Mihaela is committed to delivering the best possible solutions for her customers, offering a positive approach underpinned by excellent communication. Mihaela has over 10 years of previous experience in customer service, several years of which spent in customer account management roles. 

Lucas Daneluz

Strategic Sourcing Manager

As our strategic sourcing manager, Lucas works with some of the industry’s most innovative manufacturers, exploring new possibilities in sustainable packaging design and manufacturing practices.

By continuing to forge new collaborative relationships with the world’s most forward-thinking suppliers, we have recently been able to introduce a number of exciting new packaging technologies into the UK grocery and foodservice markets.


Kelly Rodriguez

Supply Chain Manager

As Westpak’s purchasing and supply chain manager, Kelly looks after multiple aspects of our operations including our supplier relationships, product quality and transport, and warehouse logistics.

Kelly also works collaboratively with our sales team, helping to seamlessly fulfil customer requests. With a background in engineering, Kelly takes a holistic view of the business as a system, identifying key areas for refinement as part of commitment to continuous improvement. 

Rachel Coughtrie

Supply Chain Manager

Rachel will also be managing supplier relationships, logistical operations and transport management, providing additional support to our supply chain management.

Rachel also works collaboratively with our sales team, helping to seamlessly fulfil customer requests. 

Chris Fiander

Chris Fiander

Marketing Manager

Chris has over 10 years of marketing experience and has worked across a broad range of industries. Chris is a hands-on, technical marketing professional and is responsible for all our marketing activities.

He provides a particular focus on managing our digital presence, ensuring the online experience we provide for our customers is best it can possibly be.


Ketsia Devenish

Customer Service

Ketsia has provided fantastic customer service at Westpak for over 4 years. She makes sure all our customers are served in a highly professional manner, manage enquiries with total accuracy.

Ketsia also prides herself on her quick and clear communication with our customers, keeping them fully updated and informed on the status of their various orders.


Jane Reeves


Jane is responsible for the accurate keeping of the business’s transactions and other essential financial reporting. She brings over 35 years of strong experience in book-keeping and credit control.

Jane is renowned for an incredibly high level of attention to detail and precision in her work.

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