Award-winning, sustainable food packaging for the grocery and foodservice industries

Through our highly accredited supply chain, we provide sustainable food packaging to the UK’s biggest grocery and foodservice brands. With decades of experience, our approach is defined by our unique three stage process.

Westpak Group Ltd supply diverse and sustainably-aware packaging solutions to some of the biggest names in the UK’s grocery and foodservice industries. The company’s reputation is built upon over 20 years of experience and is underpinned by its commitment to ‘bold thinking, reliable execution’. Meticulous attention to detail coupled with a culture of genuine innovation can be seen across their unique three stage process that seeks to ‘investigate, solve and impress’. As well as presenting a comprehensive standardised product range, Westpak have also worked with numerous brands in realising truly bespoke food packaging concepts.

Food Packaging

From punnets and boxes through to protective packaging and a range of accessories, we are confident in our ability to supply the ideal product for your exact needs. Our product range continues to evolve as we forge partnerships with exciting new manufacturers.

Foodservice Packaging

We are equipped to help you thrive from the opportunities presented by the ever-changing foodservice landscape. We offer packaging products through robust and dependable supply chains, with an emphasis on sustainability that takes a multitude of factors into account.

Sustainability through innovation

We pride ourselves on being true experts in sustainability. Part of this expertise lies in our understanding that sustainability is a highly complex topic driven by various considerations from stakeholders across businesses. We also aim to stay firmly at the forefront of sustainability through a commitment to embracing the latest manufacturing innovations and technological processes.


The UK grocery and foodservice sectors are renowned for requiring absolute precision when it comes to logistics and distribution channels. Therefore, ensuring that our service runs as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible remains our number one priority. We ensure we only work with the most reliable suppliers and manufacturers before focusing on each element of our own operations. We then supply to a range of businesses, from fruit packers to working directly with some of the UK’s biggest grocery retailers.


We’re Grade AA certified to BRC Storage & Distribution. This guarantees the hygiene of our warehouse and logistics and ensures our supply chain comply with strict food safety measures.

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(Membership number: ZC1067079) Sedex provide practical tools and services to help companies improve their sustainable business practices, and source responsibly.

We are proud to be registered to ISO 9001 status. This accreditation takes several key areas into account including customer focus and continuous improvement.

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We are also undertaking measures to secure ISO 14001 accreditation. This signifies an effective environmental management system with measures for improvement.

Our Unique 3 Stage Process

Our 3 stage process is the defining aspect of what makes working with Westpak a unique and seamless experience. Innovation guides each step of the process as we work closely with our clients and suppliers to unlock ideal packaging solutions that accommodate complex sustainability targets and commercial objectives. From an unbiased position, we adopt bold and creative thinking, drawing upon manufacturing expertise with vast product options and bespoke capabilities.


Step 1 - Investigate

We deep dive into the project with our clients to fully scope out their packaging needs and establish the key deliverables.
Here we deep dive into the project with our clients to fully scope out their packaging needs and establish the key project deliverables; from improved product performance, logistical efficiency, and cost savings, through to complex sustainability and environmental packaging objectives. 20 years of practical industry experience has shaped this stage of intelligent questioning to quickly establish the commercially viable options available from a genuinely unbiased viewpoint.
designing co-op branded packaging

Step 2 - Solve

In addition to our full product range, we have unrivalled grasp of the manufacturing capabilities of its supply partners.
In addition to our comprehensive product range, Westpak has unrivalled grasp of the manufacturing capabilities of its supply partners across the world and the product specialities of each. Our bold thinking approach underpinned by technical product expertise enables us to assess if best fit products or concepts exist that could be deployed to cut development time. If something completely new is required, we will design a uniquely tailored product and match the requirements to our best fit supply partner.

Step 3 - Impress

We aim to impress all our customers with great food packaging backed by a flexible and highly responsive delivery capability.
We aim to impress all our customers with great food packaging backed by a flexible and highly responsive delivery capability. We reduce stock fluctuations by taking a proactive approach and overseeing supply. We can set up usage forecasts that factor in promotions and tailor a matching delivery schedule, or set up call-off deliveries from our BRC Grade AA certified warehouse. Within our passionate customer service team, you will have a dedicated customer account manager to oversee your ongoing requirements as a single point of reference. This commitment to customer service has remained central to our strong client retention and overall business growth.
strawberries in branded packaging

Have a Bespoke Idea?

Have you seen something you like but don’t know where to buy it? Or had an idea but you don’t know what next? Use our LiveChat feature to share you ideas and documents and we will help make it a reality for you.

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We’re proud to have worked with some of the biggest names and brands across the UK’s grocery and foodservice industries.

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