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The Westpak Story

Westpak was started by Doug Hicks in 1999. With years of packaging experience behind him coupled with Doug’s deep passion for serving people, it was time to fix a need in the fresh food market. Back then supplying fresh food to grocery retailers was demanding in anyone’s book with the trending hunger for convenience and produce to be available all year round. Packaging needed to keep up, but suppliers were slow, new products lacking and Google was only 1 year old. 

What was needed was someone that could understand product application, see things in customers eyes and be able to bring the world’s latest packaging products within reach of the UK grocery retailers.

Doug’s deep passion for serving people colored the way Westpak did business - always sourcing, producing, and developing products by listening to what customers need. This formed strong relationships, high trust, and the reputation of a reliable business partner that Westpak is today.

About Office

Now the challenges are wider, and more urgent than ever to make sure packaging is sustainable but fit for purpose, whilst promoting products to stand out in a crowded fresh food marketplace.

Westpak still lives by its deep passion for helping customers get what they need, continuing to supply all major grocery retailers, and many of the country’s leading food service companies.

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About Warehouse

Our Mission

“To enable customer growth and sustainability improvement through expert packaging solutions”




  • True possibilities are being veiled as suppliers advise on solutions convenient to themselves 
  • Provide unbiased solutions to enable customers to deliver on their sustainability commitments
  • Under-utilised packaging is a wasted business expense. It could be turned to an investment.
  • Make packaging work for customers through great branding and product performance.
  • Customers need access to expertise without dedicated staff cost
  • Be the Packaging Manager in our customers team
  • Poor packaging supply is hampering growth
  • Remove constraints through seamless supply


Our Vision

“An indispensable packaging specialist to Grocery and Food Service Sectors”