Westpak's 'StikLok' delivery bags provide innovative solution to takeaway & food delivery tampering.

Westpak Group Ltd have unveiled their latest foodservice packaging innovation. The new ‘StikLok’ range of ‘tamper-evident’ delivery bags have been developed to reduce customer complaints of missing food, reduce operation costs and provide a reliable solution to safeguard against food tampering. These recyclable paper bags feature large, single-use adhesive strips to create robust closure seals, completely avoiding the use of staples or stickers. StikLok bags are available in many sizes, with or without handles and can accommodate printing for full brand impact.


StikLok bags easily accommodate delivery orders of various sizes

The StikLok bag range was unveiled with ‘large’ and ‘small’ size specifications. However, bags are also able to be created with bespoke dimensions to suit more individualised foodservice packaging requirements.




Stiklok's adhesive strips are uncovered by peeling away the paper covers

Each StikLok bags features two adhesive strips which are revealed by removing paper covers. This adhesive covers have been designed to be removed with complete ease and speed prior to sealing the bag for delivery.


A secured bond is created for complete reliability

The two adhesive strips are firmly pressed together to create a high-strength, reliable seal. This visual and physical method of sealing provides co,plete peace of mind for foioidservice providers and delivery partners. 

The need for packaging innovation

Impractical stickers and hazardous staples

Major foodservice and restaurant brands are leaning more heavily than ever on third-party food delivery platforms, yet a persistent packaging issue remains through these delivery channels.

Once delivery bags leave restaurant premises, foodservice brands lose control over the security of the packaged food. Delivery bags can easily be opened, resulting in a surge of customer complaints reporting missing items. This poses a significant operational cost, both for restaurant brands and their third-party delivery platforms.

Foodservice brands have attempted to deal with this issue through a number of approaches, each of which has shown notable disadvantages.

Stickers placed over closed delivery bags increase packaging costs, create additional packaging items that complicate stock management, and present a challenge in ensuring seal labels are consistently applied correctly.

A common alternative solution, staples also present a number of issues. This primarily centres around food safety concerns either when sealing or opening the bag.

"Delivery bags can easily be opened, resulting in a surge of customer complaints reporting missing items"


An innovative solution from Westpak

Westpak’s new ‘StikLok’ delivery bag innovation provide a reliable alternative solution to staples, stickers and easy opened takeaway bags. The ‘StikLok’ range of foodservice delivery bags feature large, single-use adhesive strips that grip together to create incredibly robust closure seals. StikLok bags offer a range of advantages from the versatility of their size options to the strong sustainable attributes of their material specifications.

Seth Hicks, Managing Director at Westpak commented “the UK’s foodservice industry has been in need of an easy-to-use, reliable and safe carry bag sealing system to put consumers’ minds at ease when it comes to food contamination. We’re sure this design will introduce a new standard for widespread uptake across takeaway and delivery markets“.

The adhesive strips on the Stiklok bags provide a strong and robust seal. This seal is achieved instantly as the two adhesive strips are pressured together, providing instant and lasting grip.  

The StikLok bag range was unveiled with ‘large’ and ‘small’ size specifications. However, bags are also able to be created to bespoke dimensions to suit more individualised requirements.

As a singular packaging item, StikLok minimises stock management complexities. In addition, our highly accredited supply chain will ensure logistical operations run seamlessly. 

The bags are also available either with twisted handles or without handles. Handle options use a robust twisted design that’s securely attached behind the adhesive strip.

Being manufactured from Kraft paper, StikLok bags avoid any unnecessary use of plastic packaging and remain fully compatable with standardised UK recycling systems .

StikLok bags can also accommodate commercial printing, helping to ensure that brand recognition remains vibrant and impactful alongside packaging performance. 

Find out more about StikLok

Westpak officially unveiled the StikLok range at the 2024 ‘Packaging Innovations’ event held at the NEC, Birmingham in February. This event saw Westpak launch of a number of exciting new foodservice packaging innovations.

Our account managers and wider foodservice packaging team are on-hand to assist with any queries your may have about our StikLok bag range. From material specifications and applications through to lead times and logistics, we’re ready to any any product questions.

You can contact our team on the email link below. Alternatively, email us directly at [email protected] or call us on 0800 298 5844.

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