Heat Seal Card Punnets

An innovation breakthrough

At Westpak, we’ve made it our mission to work with some of our most innovative partners to boost the sustainability of heal seal packaging by creating card punnets that are commercially viable and work with heal sealing process. We’re proud of offer two versatile options that represent a true breakthrough in fresh produce packaging.

450-500g Microflute Heat Seal Punnets

Rapid heat seal times

Our microflute punnets can be heat sealed in as little as half a second

Carries various fruits

Ideal for a range of fruits including grapes, soft fruit and cherries

Branding available

Ensure your branding shines through with customised artwork


Available in a convenient 450-500g produce weight capacity

Recycled content

Made from recycled content for enhanced sustainability

Ventilation holes

Ventilation for longer produce shelf-life and freshness 

250g Pressboard Heat Seal Tray

Fits K37/SPS tooling

Compatible with standardised heat sealing tooling

Carried various fruit

Suited to various fruits including berries & cherry tomatoes

Branding available

Ensure your branding shines through with customised artwork

250g capacity

Available in a convenient 500g produce weight capacity 

PE lined

PE lining under 10% in-line with OPRL recyclability guidelines

FSC certified

Guarantees the responsible sourcing of materials

Trial Support

The team at Westpak are on-hand to assist with samples or transit trials and any other information to move your developments forwards. Details for our key account managers and other representatives are given below. Use the buttons to contact our team directly or call 0800 298 5844.

Seth Hicks
Managing Director

Seth has been with the Westpak for almost 20 and has been closely involved with various areas of the business. 

Jim Hicks
Key Account Manager

With over 13 years of experience at Westpak alone, Jim beings a wealth of expertise to the position of key account manager. 

Amos Hicks
Key Account Manager

Amos manages a range of key customer accounts, offering expert advice on the latest industry developments. 

Tried & Tested Technology

With innovation often comes excessive costs that can block many from accessing the latest technology. However, our heat-seal pressboard tray is compatible with existing heat-sealing machinery and tooling processes, drastically reducing the cost-barrier of utilising this excising new product range.

“The development of our heat seal card punnets really lies at the core of what Westpak is all about – industry-leading innovation that is firmly rooted around driving long-term sustainability enhancements across the food packaging industry. The development of this new technology is something the industry and consumers alike have been waiting for quite some time and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this change. The potential for this technology to be utilised across the industry is huge which is partly due to the ease with which it can incorporated into existing systems. This represents a significant step forward in helping some of the best-known retailers work towards their ambitious corporate sustainability goals”.

Seth Hicks, Managing Director, Westpak Group Ltd

Supply Chain Management

Numerous factors have recently affected global supply chains generally, with card and paper based packaging materials being particular adversely affected. These factors have been outlined in detail in one of our latest articles which you can read here. However, through our robust network of highly dependable suppliers and manufacturing partners, we are ready to process your heat-seal card punnet enquiries with lead times that will aim to begin delivering product early in the new year. As always, we would encourage enquiries to be sent to our team at the earliest opportunity for processing as far in advance as possible. Our team will be happy to provide further information around how this new product line will work alongside any existing global supply issues as well as alongside our wider packaging range.

Sustainability Credentials

The potential to switch plastic punnets for card and paper-based which maintaining the heat-sealing process presents a range of environmental benefits. While debate remains on the sustainability costs and benefits around card and plastics, paper-based products are seen as offering high sustainability levels due to utilising renewable sources as well as being comparatively easy to recycle. Plastic reduction has also become one of the biggest sustainability drives across the grocery retail industry highlighted by  numerous retailers highlighting their achievements as well as various European nations announcing upcoming outright bans on plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables. Now is the time to embrace card and paper-based fresh produce packaging before similar restrictions could follow in the UK.

Find out more

Our team are available to answer any further question you may have about this new range including precise packaging measurements, printing capabilities, suitable produce lines and other vital specifications.

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