Delivery Information

Standard Delivery
Orders for stock products placed before 2:00pm will be delivered the next working day. We understand that this isn’t always necessary and will confirm when will be the best date for you.

Emergency Delivery
For the times when things go wrong and delivery was needed yesterday, Westpak will pull all the stops out to get product to you. Same day, same afternoon, Saturday morning – you name it – we’ll do our best to keep your production going.

Forward Orders
This is for short-term repeat orders. You can place a string of orders for the same product to be delivered say every Friday for the next 6 weeks. We will then set aside the stock and call you in advance of each delivery to confirm that the date is still okay, or whether you would like it moved. This is an excellent way of managing supermarket promotions and takes a load off you mind when the pressure is particularly high.

Standing Orders
If you have regular buying patterns, Westpak can set you up on our Standing Order system. We will provide you with a monthly delivery schedule of mixed products and these can arrive with you the same time each week without the need for further arrangements. Call today for more details.

Call Off Orders
Looking to Bulk-Buy but have no space? Take advantage of our call-off service. Westpak can arrange larger production runs of your unique product to bring your unit price down. We’ll then store it for you and deliver in smaller amounts over an agreed period of time. You will be invoiced after each delivery, helping you manage material costs, stock and cash flow.

Carriage Charges
All prices quoted include delivery unless otherwise stated. Our standard terms are “Free carriage on orders over £150” unless special arrangements have been made. For emergency deliveries or other special orders carriage may be charged and this will be discussed at the time of order.

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We’re proud to be a 2022 ‘Smarrt Supporter’ of the Rapid Relief Team’s ‘Operation 322’, Delivering Aid to Ukraine