Westpak's new dedicated line of robust and versatile takeaway sushi packaging

Westpak’s new SushiPack™ range is a purpose-designed collection of secure and robust containers for all the most popular types of sushi. The ideal packaging solution for takeaway sushi environments, these packs are manufactured form sustainable materials including Kraft paper and recyclable plastic and benefit from being distributed through our highly reliable and accredited supply chain.

Purpose designed

The range has been designed specifically for sushi with dimensions to accommodate the most popular sushi items.


The Sushipack range is manufactured from Kraft paper and recyclable plastic, ensuring high sustainability.

Secure fit

The lids provide a secure fit, ensure each item is fully supported under its weight as well as boosting freshness.

Moisture resistant

A moisture resistant lining means each pack can accommodate soy sauce, wasabi and other condiments.


From nigiri to maki and everything in between, these containers can accommodate every major type of sushi.

Reliable supply

Sushipack is available through our highly accredited  supply chain, providing complete peace of mind.

Diverse 'food-to-go' markets

The Sushipack™ range is ideal for both ‘food-to-go’ foodservice chains as well as takeaway sushi counters operating within grocery retail environments. This widespread and diverse retail environment shows the huge surge in popularity for sushi as a premium and convenient lunch option. In 2023, Tesco even reported that sushi had overtaken the classic sandwich to become the UK’s “fastest growing premium lunchtime treat” (Source: As a versatile packaging range for these food-to-go outlets, the Sushipack™ also sits seamlessly alongside other packaging options such as round and rectangular Kraft bowls, commonly used for sushi poke bowls and other accompanying dishes.

Sustainably developed

Each container in the Sushipack™ range is manufactured from Kraft paper, available in neutral and bleached white colours options. As well as being renowned for its high strength and durability, this material choice also provides a fully recyclable solution inline with widespread UK recycling systems. In addition, the transparent lids are manufactured from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), a plastic that also offers widespread recyclability.

Overall recyclability is further assisted by the moisture resistance lining applied to each Kraft base. This helps to minimise moisture and grease contamination that that be so problematic for card and paper-based product entering recycling systems.

Each option within the range, including bases and lids, are also fully stackable, helping to minimise storage and transport requirements and lowering the range’s overall carbon footprint.

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