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Zespri Kiwi Boxes

The challenge and the background

Westpak were given the fantastic opportunity to help enhance the level of packaging sustainability for one of Costco’s core fresh produce ranges. We were challenged to providing an overhaul of their Zespri kiwi punnets and to provide a solution that would successfully achieve a rage of core objectives.

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Firstly, the redesign needed to move away from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic and utilise a more sustainably-driven material. Secondly, the packaging redesign needed to be sufficiently robust and to withstand logistical transportation and product handling as well as remaining highly practical in its design for end-consumers. Thirdly, the re-imagined kiwi boxes needed to maintain a strong shelf-life. And lastly, it was also important for the packaging to reach an overall cost-neutral solution. Throughout the project, we worked closely alongside the teams as Total Produce (part of Dole plc), Costco and kiwi brand, Zespri.

Westpak’s solution to the challenge

A card-based material was specified for the packaging redesign that would significantly boost the range’s environmental credentials. We then adopted a meticulous approach to ensure the specified material would be able too withstand transport and handling as well as offering a strong longevity of shelf-life. As part of this approach, we ran two sets of shelf life and transportation trails with up to three different board grade specifications as well as assessing variations with regard to both the number and positioning of ventilation holes. We were also able to successfully achieve a cost-neutral solution through redesigning the packaging’s size specifications and dimensions. Through being able to secure eight packs into each outer case instead of six, we were able to unlock significant logistical savings that were then able to offset the introductory cost of switching to card.

We were also faced with a six-month lead time on board material, which presented its own challenge for the project. However, we were able to overcome this through careful project time management. Once the board specification and design were approved we proceeded with the material supply order. The artwork design was then undertaken while the material were in transport in order to enhance the overall logistical efficiency and minimise delays. We were also also able to provide further lead time efficiencies through using our own in-house graphic designer who worked with Zespri’s existing brand assets before securing final artwork approval.

The result

The kiwi boxes have successfully been distributed to Costco stores in the UK. The initial rollout featuring the redesigned punnets for Zespri’s gold kiwi variety, with the redesigned green kiwi punnets to follow shortly after. 

The Westpak Approach

Whether creating bespoke packaging solutions or providing items from our standardised product ranges, we remain committed to working alongside key brands across the grocery and foodservice industries, working to a range of sustainability and business objectives. Westpak’s real expertise is in creating diverse packaging solutions using experience, creativity and product development. We meet the quick turnaround required by Grocery Retailers and Foodservice Chains, displaying their products at their very best. We create environmentally sustainable and recyclable products which challenge the status quo. Our creative packaging helps educate your customers and ensures you stand out from the rest.



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