Grocery sustainability metrics have the potential to redefine the role of food packaging

It’s nearly a decade ago that the familiar ‘traffic light’ labelling system started appearing on supermarket items signalling key health metrics around calories, sugar, salt and fat content. Fast-forward to now, and a similar emphasis is emerging in the grocery industry around the signalling of environmental sustainability data for food items.

Tesco opens supply chain to innovative, sustainability start-ups

Tesco and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have launched a new accelerator programme aimed at pairing pioneering start-ups with Tesco suppliers, fast-tracking sustainability innovation in the supply chain to cut the environmental impact of food and support UK food security. ‘Innovation Connections’ will address a key barrier preventing promising sustainability innovations from being adopted at […]

Production-led innovation sparks opportunities for fresh produce packaging

The food packaging industry is a rapidly evolving landscape of continuous product innovation and sustainable technology. However, sometimes innovations at the point of food production itself can, in turn, spur innovation further up the supply-chain. Similarly, new technologies in fresh produce production and preservation can open new possibilities for existing packaging technology.

Aldi’s checkout-free concept store opens for public testing

Aldi, the UK’s fifth largest supermarket, has opened its first checkout-free store in London. The Aldi ‘Shop&Go’ concept store in Greenwich opened for public testing, having been tested by Aldi colleagues in recent months. The new trial store allows customers to complete their shop without scanning a single product, or having to go through a checkout.

Are grocery and foodservice still mutually exclusive?

Supermarket home delivery is something we’ve all become very accustomed to, and it’s easy to see why – determining the delivery date and time-slot for your weekly shop is the ideal convenience for fitting-in with our ever busy lifestyles. In addition to their convenience, these delivery services are also typically defined by their uniformity. That […]

Co-op announces new partnership with Amazon

Co-op has announced plans to accelerate its e-commerce strategy and drive rapid growth in the market for community-based home deliveries, with a new partnership with Amazon and an acceleration of Starship robot deliveries.

Morrisons Launches Move Towards UK’s First ‘Zero Waste’ Stores

Morrisons is launching a move towards the UK’s first six ‘zero waste’ stores in Edinburgh* which will have the ability to operate with zero waste by 2025 – either from the store itself or from the customers who shop at that store. If successful, the ‘zero waste’ store format will be rolled out to all […]