How Will Packaging Change With ‘the Return To Normality’?

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PRESS RELEASE | OPINION PIECE.   Author accreditation: Westpak Group Ltd Much has been discussed about the inevitable changes in consumer behaviour during the Coronavirus pandemic and how this has affected the food packaging industry. But with the vaccine roll-out well underway and with dates provisionally marked in for the removal of lockdown measures, how will […]

Innovation Through Continuous Improvement

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PRESS RELEASE.   Author accreditation: Westpak Group Ltd At Westpak, innovation remains one of the core guiding values of the business, influencing all aspects of our operations and product ranges. Large, milestone product innovations are clear to see, but innovation also runs through our wider product range through a process of continuous refinement and enhancement. The […]

Unravelling True Packaging Sustainability

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PRESS RELEASE | OPINION PIECE.   Author accreditation: Westpak Group Ltd Sustainability remains one of the core trends driving the UK packaging industry. However, ‘sustainability’ is a term that is often presented in broad terms as well as regularly being used interchangeably with a range of other terminology. This can create confusion amongst consumers and can […]

Coronavirus, Sustainability And The Evolving Role Of Packaging

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PRESS RELEASE | OPINION PIECE.   Author accreditation: Westpak Group Ltd The coronavirus pandemic continues to change consumers’ perceptions around the packaging industry. But this adjustment in thinking is anything but straightforward. On one hand, we are seeing an increased dependance on traditional forms of packaging as one of the key lines of defence for preventing […]