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The value we place on innovation guides everything we do as a business, from our product collection and tailored food packaging services through to our supply chain and even our internal operations. We strive to always remain at the very forefront of the food packaging industry’s capabilities with a proactive approach that finds sustainable solutions with ease and efficiency.

Innovative Food Packaging Gallery

Our most renowned and innovative food packaging designs have been utilised by some the biggest names in the UK’s grocery and foodservice industries. Many of these packaging projects been at the forefront of some of the most important shifts within retail environments and consumer shopping preferences. Below, you find a highlighted selection of both some of our most publicised food packaging innovations as well as current exciting projects that are launching through to market.


Taiko Sushi Bowl
Product Trial
Waitrose & Partners


Living Lettuce Bags


Heat Seal Pressboard Trays
Product Development


'Unpacked' Punnets
Waitrose & Partners


Prototype Development


Herb Sleeves
Product Development


Compartmental Punnet
Product Development


Reduced Plastic Banana Bands
Marks & Spencer


Microflute Heal Seal Punnet
Product Development

DSC02710 (1)

Disposable Cutlery Bags
Gourmet Burger Kitchen


Sustainable Foodservice Container
Product Development


Heat Seal Card Punnets
Process Testing


Rhubarb Sleeve
Annabel's Deliciously British


Sustainable Mango Punnets
Product Development


Sustainable Punnets
Product Development


Netted nectarine punnets

Our Innovative Unique 3 Stage Process

Our 3 stage process is the defining aspect of what makes working with Westpak a unique and seamless experience. Innovation guides each step of the process as we work closely with our clients and suppliers to unlock ideal packaging solutions that accommodate complex sustainability targets and commercial objectives. From an unbiased position, we adopt bold and creative thinking, drawing upon manufacturing expertise with vast product options and bespoke capabilities.

Westpak employees working on computers


Here we deep dive into the project with our clients to fully scope out their packaging needs and establish the key project deliverables; from improved product performance, logistical efficiency, and cost savings, through to complex sustainability and environmental packaging objectives. 20 years of practical industry experience has shaped this stage of intelligent questioning to quickly establish the commercially viable options available from a genuinely unbiased viewpoint.
Westpak employee designing branded packaging on computer


In addition to our comprehensive product range, Westpak has an unrivalled grasp of the manufacturing capabilities of its supply partners across the world and the product specialities of each. Our bold thinking approach is underpinned by a technical product expertise, enabling us to assess if ‘best fit’ products or concepts exist which could be deployed to cut development time. If something completely new is required, we will design a uniquely tailored product and match the balance of project objectives to our best fit supply partner.
Loading product into Westpak van


We aim to impress all our customers with great food packaging products backed by a flexible and highly responsive delivery capability. We’re able to reduce stock fluctuations by taking a proactive approach and overseeing supply. We can set up usage forecasts that factor in promotions, and tailor a matching regular delivery schedule, or set up call-off deliveries from our BRC Grade AA certified warehouse. Within our customer service team, you will have a dedicated customer account manager to oversee your ongoing requirements as a single point of reference. This commitment to customer service has remained central to our strong client retention and overall business growth.

Innovative Food Packaging Product Ranges

Our innovative product collection offers a vast range of packaging for both the grocery and foodservice sectors. We currently offer products manufactured from more than 20 different material options, satisfying various practical, logistic and sustainable considerations. We also continuously innovate with our tailored solutions, which we have provided for brands across the market. Whether it was sourcing easily recyclable ‘Kraft board’ fruit punnets for Waitrose, helping M&S launch a tennis-inspired range of apples, or providing Gourmet Burger Kitchen with hygienic cutlery bags in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are always looking for innovative ways to help our clients enhance their product.

Innovative Suppliers & Manufacturers

As a business that champions such an innovative approach, we also see it as vital to only work with suppliers and manufacturers who share this same value. We carefully select our network of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we benefit from the latest production technologies and design potential. We enjoy long-standing partnerships and collaborations with many of our suppliers. However, we are also not hesitant to look further afield when required to help achieve bespoke requirements to the highest standard.
annabel's branded strawberry box

Have an innovative bespoke Idea?

Have you seen something you like but don’t know where to buy it? Or had an idea but you don’t know what next? Use our LiveChat feature to share you ideas and documents and we will help make it a reality for you.

Our innovative approach

We pride ourselves on an innovative approach to our internal operations and culture. We continuously seek improvement in all aspects of our operations, from data accuracy and efficiency through to customer service and lead times. We also embrace a collaborative and forward-thinking working environment. Daily company-wide discussions provide full transparency across the business and help ensure that customer’s needs are met as seamlessly as possible. We are proud to have adopted an approach whereby we look after our team well, knowing that they, in turn, take good care of our highly-valued clients.

Featured Innovation News

We regularly post updates on the latest packaging innovation news, including details on our own product ranges and bespoke packaging solutions as well as key highlights from the wider grocery and foodservice industries. Discover some of our latest updates below or click here to view our view library of innovation news.
Westpak Group Ltd have unveiled their latest foodservice packaging innovation. The new ‘StikLok’ range of ‘tamper-evident’ delivery bags have been developed to reduce customer complaints of missing food, reduce operation costs and provide a reliable solution to safeguard against food tampering. These recyclable paper bags are available in many sizes, with or without handles and can accommodate printing for full brand impact.
Westpak have launched a breakthrough new packaging innovation that greatly improves the heat retention of delivery and takeaway pizzas. Known as ‘HeatWave’, this latest packaging innovation creates a raised and aerated platform, minimising heat dissipation through the base of takeaway pizza boxes. The product offers impressive heat retention figures as well numerous practicality and environmental benefits.

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