Kraft Bowls

Sustainable & Versatile

A new addition to our increasing range of Kraft-based packaging, these bowls offer strong sustainability with complete practicality and excellent versatility. With a range of capacity and size options and a highly effective moisture-resistant inner-lining, these bowls are the ideal choice for various grocery and foodservice applications.

Sustainable packaging with excellent practicality


Our Kraft bowls are easily recyclable and offer a clear, sustainable visual appearance for consumers.

Capacity options

We offer numerous size specifications including 550ml (20oz), 750ml (26oz), 1000ml (32oz) and 1140ml (38oz) options.

Stackable design

Each Kraft bowl sits securely on top of bowls of the same size specifications for ease of display and product stacking.

'PE' lined interior

Our polyethylene (PE) lined interior provides an excellent moisture barrier for a wide range of foods including sushi, salads and rice.

Supply chain

Our kraft bowls are immediately available and our team ready for enquiries. We also oversee rigorous and accurate stock management.


While ideal as a foodservice container, Kraft bowls are also frequently used in grocery retail, demonstrating true versatility.

Our team are here to help

Our account managers and wider team are on-hand to assist with any product queries your may have. We’re more than happy to advise on the ideal packaging solution taking a broad range of criteria into account including environmental, commercial and logistical considerations. Click on the links below to contact our account managers directly or call 0800 298 5844.

Seth Hicks
Managing Director

Seth has been with the Westpak for almost 20 and has been closely involved with various areas of the business. 

Jim Hicks
Key Account Manager

With over 13 years of experience at Westpak alone, Jim beings a wealth of expertise to the position of key account manager. 

Amos Hicks
Key Account Manager

Amos manages a range of key customer accounts, offering expert advice on the latest industry developments. 

Mihaela Chetran Customer Accounts

Mihaela joined Westpak as our customer account manager and is responsible for the strong relationships with our customers.

Supply Chain Management

Numerous factors have recently affected global supply chains generally, with card and paper based packaging materials being particular adversely affected. These factors have been outlined in detail in one of our latest articles which you can read here. However, through our robust network of highly dependable suppliers and manufacturing partners, we are ready to process your enquiries and orders. As always, we would encourage enquiries to be sent to our team at the earliest opportunity for processing. 

Sustainability Credentials

Sustainability has never been higher on the agenda for the food packaging industry, both in the UK and internationally. As such, it’s more vital than ever to utilise packaging materials that offer clear environmental benefits and fulfil the high expectations around sustainability that consumers rightly expect from retailers. Assessing packaging sustainability can be complex, but our kraft range is one of our clear leading material options for advancing sustainability across the grocery industry.

Find out more

Our team are available to answer any further questions you may have about our range of kraft bowls or any other items across our grocery and foodservice packaging ranges.

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