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We’re so pleased to launch our new brochure which details our latest packaging innovations and the industry’s biggest sustainability developments. 

Throughout our brochure you’ll also find details on our grocery and foodservice packaging ranges, logistical abilities and industry accreditations. To request your FREE copy, simply fill out the detail in the form below and our team will endeavour to deliver your brochure as quickly as possible. Please ensure all fields are completed.

Discover some of the highlights below that feature in our brochure including details on our full range, sustainability trends, as well as details on our logistical capabilities and industry accreditations. 

Discover our full packaging range

Our new brochure features details on both our grocery and foodservice product ranges. For our grocery range, you’ll find details on punnets and trays through to boxes, film and transit packaging. Our foodservice packaging range is also diverse with options including cups, chilled food packaging, bags and pizza boxes. Our brochure also details the materials used across our product collections as well as recyclability and compostability credentials.

The latest innovation and sustainability trends

Our brochure highlights the deeply intertwined relationship between innovation and sustainability in the food packaging industry. Increased consumer demand for sustainability acts as a catalyst for innovation, just as innovative manufacturing breakthroughs are able to spark new benchmarks for sustainable practices. 

Logistics & Accreditations

Throughout our brochure, you’ll also discover that ensuring our service runs as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible is our number one priority. The strength of our distribution model and how we fit into the wider supply chain for the grocery and foodservice industries is determined by an array of factors. 

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