Cartonboard Lattice Vent Lid (for 01PCB0011) 137x93mm

SKU: 01PCB0011-L

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This intricately manufactured lattice vented lid provides a secure fit to our vented nested tray. Manufactured from Cartonboard, the vented punnet and lid options are both widely recyclable and industrially compostable.

Product Details

Good For
Berries, Soft Fruit, Tomatoes
Colour Options
Carton Board

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Sustainability Details

Recycled Content
OPRL Label
Compostable Label

Cartonboard Packaging

We’ve utilised carton-board for large-scale bespoke grocery ranges as well as consistently popular standardised packaging ranges. The material’s enduring popularity lies in both its renowned sustainability as well as its undeniable versatility and practicality. Our standardised selection of cartonboard packaging features a multitude of nested trays in sizes, capacities and colour specifications. The versatility behind this collection is shown in the broad range of fresh produce this range accommodates including apples, peaches, tomatoes, strawberries in addition to a number of other common fruits.

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