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Chartwells Meal Parcels

The challenge and the background

Compass Group UK & Ireland offer a wide range of services within both the public and private sectors including catering and foodservice through to cleaning, procurement and facilities management. Part of the Compass Group’s family of brands, Chartwells is known for serving millions of meals schools, academies and high education institutions throughout the UK. Within these services, Chartwells is a provider of free school meals for eligible children who were not attending school due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
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During the height of national lockdown measures, Chartwells needed to significantly increase its supply of meal ‘transport boxes’. This supply chain issue needed to be resolved within a matter of days in order to ensure these vital meal parcels continued to be sent where they were needed across the UK.

Westpak’s solution to the challenge

By working with our highly robust and reliable supply chain, Westpak were able to rapidly source and supply cardboard box packaging at short notice to Chartwells via ‘Foodbuy’ (a procurement company that also operates as part of Compass Group). In fact, within just a few short days, we had successfully delivered bundles of boxes to over 70 sites ahead of the meal boxes being prepared. Our logistics experts worked seamlessly and quickly with Chartwells and Foodbuy to establish packaging that was able to accommodate a range of requirements and considerations. The box packaging needed to be of ideal size and quantity as well as being sufficiently robust enough to carry the weight of the food items without damage – either to the packaging itself or the food items inside. The boxes were also manufactured from corrugated cardboard to ensure the outer packaging could be recycled after use.

The result

A bespoke 1 kilo fruit boxes were able to be supplied ‘flat-packed’ for optimal storage, practicality and handling on the strawberry farm. The boxes are incredibly fast and easy to hand-erect and can be have the plastic-free lid applied with ease. The fruit boxes also have the added benefit of being able to be stacked straight onto a pallet without the need of further outer packaging. The boxes’ ventilation holes also aid the preservation of the fruit, maintain freshness during onward journeys. The cardboard packaging is a highly sustainable solution and is able to immediately convey its environmental credentials through its visual appearance – a great fit the Annabel’s brand. The product was an instant success with many liked social media posts, product on the shelves in Dubai and appearing in BBC’s Countryfile feature in September 2020.

Westpak were recommended to us as someone that could help sort our box design challenge. From our first contact they fully understood our needs and were able to quickly deliver an impressive solution. Every box was ticked! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Westpak
Annabel Makin – Jones, Annabel’s Deliciously British

The Westpak Approach

Whether creating bespoke packaging solutions or providing items from our standardised product ranges, we remain committed to working alongside key brands across the grocery and foodservice industries, working to a range of sustainability and business objectives. Westpak’s real expertise is in creating diverse packaging solutions using experience, creativity and product development. We meet the quick turnaround required by Grocery Retailers and Foodservice Chains, displaying their products at their very best. We create environmentally sustainable and recyclable products which challenge the status quo. Our creative packaging helps educate your customers and ensures you stand out from the rest.


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