Custom Food Boxes

We’ve created custom food boxes or some of the biggest brands across the UK’s grocery and foodservice industries. These custom projects show some of the varying client objectives and considerations we have worked to, from enhanced sustainability credentials, to pioneering shopping experiences. Throughout each custom project, we have utilised our creative and innovative approach to achieve the ideal solution.

Custom Food Boxes Gallery

We revisited our Orchard World Citrus Boxes for online grocery retailer Ocado to accommodate a vibrant branding and design refresh. It was also vital to maintain the  packaging design’s strong level of sustainability and range of highly practical features.

Annabel’s previous wooden strawberry packaging required a large amount of energy to produce and wasn’t readily recyclable. The challenge was swapping this for a plastic-free alternative that would still be strong, ‘brandable’ and easily recyclable.

Abel & Cole wanted to move completely away from plastic packaging and embrace a more environmentally-conscious product. On a practical level, they also required punnets that would suit their unique way of storing and packing produce. 

Secretts were producing high quality produce, but didn’t feel their packaging was adequate. They wanted to move away from plain packaging and move to printed punnets and boxes that would be instantly recognisable and attract the buyers for high end eateries.

Standardised Food Boxes

Our banana box range features a four point corner base and wedge display lid designs, both of which are manufactured from corrugated cardboard. A number of size options are available across the banana box range as well as green and Kraft colour specifications.

These carry packs are ideal for oranges, lemons, limes and various other citrus fruits. Each carry pack is manufactured from sustainable carton board. ‘Glue close’ and ‘tuck top’ options are both available, with different accompanying size options.

As part of our range of fresh produce boxes for the grocery packaging industry, these export box options are manufactured from corrugated cardboard. These items are the ideal solution for top fruit packing and are shown with size and colour options.

As part of our range of fresh produce boxes for the grocery packaging industry, this crash lock salad box option is manufactured from corrugated cardboard. This product is ideal for herbs, mixed lead and micro leaf produce and is made to order.

Custom food boxes through an innovative approach

We pride ourselves on an innovative approach that is fundamental to successfully realising custom food packaging projects. We continuously seek improvement in all aspects of our operations, from data accuracy and efficiency through to customer service and lead times. We also embrace a collaborative and forward-thinking working environment. Daily company-wide discussions provide full transparency across the business and help ensure that customer’s needs are met as seamlessly as possible. 

annabel's branded strawberry box

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