Innovative seasonal food packaging design

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PRESS RELEASE.   Author accreditation: Westpak Group Ltd

With such a diverse packaging range, Westpak can of course provide ideal products in-line with produce seasonality. But what about the ability for the packaging itself to demonstrate seasonality? We are proud to have worked with a number of clients in helping to create innovative, seasonal packaging designs, ranging from key calendar events to popular sporting competitions.

Heart shaped punnets for Valentine’s Day
Our client, a large soft fruit supplier to major UK retailers, wanted to utilise Valentine’s Day to increase consumer interest in their berries and grow sales. By packing berries in heart-shaped punnets they aimed to catch the consumer’s eye amongst a bust retail environment.

There was initially a lack of heart-shaped punnets on the market that were the right size or efficient to pack. It would have also been too expensive for the client to develop their own new punnet. However, with our knowledge of the supply chain, fruit sizes, fruit packing machines and aesthetics, we were able to produced the perfect shape and size of heart-shaped punnets. These punnets were produce in just three days and could be heat-sealed for fast, efficient packing. We developed, tested and produced the new punnet, assisted in the creation of new heat-seal tools and delivered the punnets abroad in time for fruit to be packed and sent to the retailer ahead of Valentine’s Day.

To add to the challenge further, a few days before dispatch, our client needed bubble sheets glued into the bottom of the punnets! With no way of automating this at such short notice, Westpak pulled together a team to manually solve the issue. We pulled out all the stops to insert an additional 810 man hours into the project and still deliver on time! All punnets were delivered on time, the sealing tools worked well and the retailer had the finished product on the shelves in time!

They skilfully included the pack as a ‘side’ in a meal combination offer. This created scope for the retailer to promote a broader range of products on Valentine’s Day and increase sales overall. The Westpak team kept detailed pressure on this project every day to achieve high product quality and delivery success.

M&S Rockit apple launch
With the help of one of its major apple suppliers, M&S launched a unique miniature apple variety called ROCKIT. This distinctively fresh apple is slightly larger than a golf ball and was aimed at providing a fun and healthy alternative to sweats and confectionary when out and about.

Westpak were contacted to design and supply a pack to help this product stand out and to fit-in with a launch around the Wimbledon tennis season. We successfully designed a clear plastic tube to replicate a tube of tennis balls and produced 30,000 units. The design was so eye-catching, it was also picked up by the British media, featuring in online news publications.

Your next project
Through our network of expert supplier and manufacturers, we are confident in our ability to fulfil whatever bespoke packaging challenge or vision you may have in mind. Our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have and to begin the process or fulfilling your next bespoke packaging brief.




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