Sustainability remains your key priority in our latest survey

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We would like to sincerely thank everyone who took part in our latest client survey and whose feedback will play a fundamental role in shaping each element of our service as well as the product range we provide. We wanted to know your thoughts on your overall experience with Westpak as well as your experience when helped by one of our team of Westpak representatives. We were delighted to receive a wonderful range of responses with many of you rating us as ‘excellent and ‘very good’ across many areas of our business. We also asked for your number one packaging priority and saw an overwhelming response assigning ‘sustainability’ as your key packaging concern. Below is a highlight of some of the feedback we received across this latest survey. 

Your Experience with Westpak

We asked you to rate us on areas of our service as business including speed of service, product quality and innovation. In each case, the majority of responses were assigned as ‘excellent’, with ‘very good’ consistently being the next largest response. Across these three areas of the business, no response was received as being lower than ‘good’. Ratings were assigned out of a choice of 5 options (excellent, very good, good, fair, poor).

Speed of service

“Excellent” = 61.9%
“Very Good” = 28.6%
“Good” = 9.5%

Product Quality

“Excellent” = 71.4%
“Very Good” = 28.6%


“Excellent” = 66.7%
“Very Good” = 19.0%
“Good” = 14.3%

Our representatives

We also asked you to give us feedback on your experiences with our company representatives. Again, in each of the areas below, ‘excellent’ was consistently given as the largest response and ‘very good’ and the second largest response. No response in this area of our survey was recorded below ‘fair’. Ratings were assigned out of a choice of 5 options (excellent, very good, good, fair, poor)

Product & market knowledge

“Excellent” = 71.4%
“Very Good” = 23.8%
“Good” = 4.8%

Ability to provide solutions

“Excellent” = 76.2%
“Very Good” = 14.3%
“Good” = 4.8%
“Fair” = 4.8%

Understanding your needs

“Excellent” = 81.0%
“Very Good” = 9.5%
“Good” = 4.8%
“Fair” = 4.8%

Sustainability remains your key priority

Lastly, as part of our section on ‘your industry preferences’, we asked what your current top packaging priority is with the available options being ‘sustainability’, ‘cost’, ‘speed of delivery’, ‘branding’ and ‘other’. ‘Sustainability’ was given as the overwhelming leading priority with 71.4% response choosing this option. ‘Cost’ was chosen as lesser priory at 19.0%. ‘Speed of delivery’ and ‘Other’ were both selected at 4.8% of responses each. This feedback continues to affirm our commitment to offer true expertise on packaging sustainability, both in the advice we offer our clients as well as in the product range we provide for both the grocery and foodservice industries.

Continuous improvement

While we are delighted with the responses we achieved from their latest survey, we will still continue to strive for a further improved level of customer satisfaction. The responses provided really will play a vital role in shaping these enhancements. If you missed the chance to offer your feedback in this survey then our team are more than happy to answer any queries you may have, or to record your feedback on any other area of our business. Find our more about contacting our team at

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