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Westpak Group Ltd supply diverse and sustainably-aware packaging for food products to some of the biggest names in the UK’s grocery and foodservice industries. The company’s reputation is built upon over 20 years of experience and is underpinned by its commitment to ‘bold thinking, reliable execution’. Westpak are proud to offer a comprehensive and continually evolving packaging product collection for a range of food products as well providing impartial advice to clients and helping them realise tailored packaging solutions where required.

Westpak’s bold thinking encapsulates a range of attributes. The company has built a strong reputation for its impartiality in advising clients on the best solutions for their exact needs, taking into account a range of different stakeholder considerations. The advice we provide is guided by a true level of expertise, not just in relation to immediate packaging considerations, but also around wider issues of sustainability and environmental impact. We are able to advise on the ideal sustainable solution with a thorough and accurate understanding of the broad environmental impact of each product.

We also place a strong value on innovation, where we seek to only work with the leading suppliers who are able to utilise the latest technology, processes and efficiencies. We continually seek to be ‘ahead of the curve’, not just understanding our customers’ needs, but predicting and proactively responding to future industry considerations and developments.

Reliable Execution

We realise the importance of our role in the supply chain and we highly value the level of trust that each of our clients places in us. We understand that logistical expertise remains essential and aim to constantly achieve and surpass these industry requirements through working with the latest technology. This is evident in the scale and technical proficiency of our Kent-based warehouse facility, our stringent focus on data accuracy and our BRC industry standard accreditation. We work with household names across the grocery sector, providing flexible solutions to a highly dynamic market. We also work with a range of key brands and businesses throughout the foodservice industry offering standardised packaging as well as helping to realise tailored solutions to a rapidly evolving market.

Grocery Packaging For Food Products

Supplying effective packaging for food products to the UK’s grocery sector has underpinned Westpak’s core service for more than 20 years. It’s an industry we have built long-established partnerships in as well as embracing exciting new clients and industry developments. The scale of our offering for the grocery and fresh produce industries is shown by the breadth of our current specialised product range. From punnets and boxes through to protective packaging and a range of accessories, we are confident in our ability to supply the ideal product for your exact needs. Our product range continues to evolve and currently utilises more than 20 materials from our selected network of suppliers and manufacturers.

Foodservice Packaging For Food Products

The food service industry is evolving rapidly. Established restaurant and catering sectors have now been joined by a range of alternative formats, bringing new packaging opportunities, new demands and new competition. However, we are equipped to help you thrive and benefit from the opportunities this changing landscape presents. We offer packaging products through robust and dependable supply chains, with an emphasis on sustainability that takes a multitude of factors into account.

Sustainable Packaging For Food Products

At Westpak, we pride ourselves on being true experts in sustainability. Part of this expertise lies in our understanding that sustainability is a highly complex topic driven by various considerations from stakeholders across businesses. 

To effectively assess these requirements, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the latest terminology, developments and principles that underlie the broader sustainability movement. Our new sustainability hub offers detailed explorations of various sustainability issues, from commonly asked questions around recycling through to definitions and defining properties for a range of sustainability terms and materials.

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