Our three-stage process is the defining aspect of what makes working with Westpak a seamless experience

It’s also the basis upon which we have forged so many long-lasting client relationships across the UK’s grocery and foodservice industries. We view each step of the process as being equally vital to unlock the ideal food packaging solution that can accommodate both complex sustainability targets as well as ambitious commercial objectives. From our unbiased market position, we adopt a bold, creative and innovative outlook, drawing upon our long-standing commitment to customer service as well as the expertise and reliability of our network of manufacturing and logistics partners.


Understanding your priorities

Here we deep dive into the project with our clients to fully scope out their packaging needs and establish the key project deliverables; from improved product performance, logistical efficiency, and cost savings, through to complex sustainability and environmental packaging objectives. 20 years of practical industry experience has shaped this stage of intelligent questioning to quickly establish the commercially viable options available from a genuinely unbiased viewpoint.


Key assessment criteria

Through initial client consultation, we aim to gather as much information as possible about every aspect of their packaging requirements. We aim to flesh-out our packaging briefs until we have a robust understanding of all considerations that are unique to each project. Through discussion with our team, we’ll ask you to consider your core packaging objectives including sustainability, commercial, and other key targets. We’ll also map out a project timeframe, take budget considerations into account and assess any logistical factors that could be central to product development.


Are you looking to enhance your packaging sustainability? Perhaps you need to introduce cost efficiencies, enhance aesthetics or boost packaging strength for added practicality?


We understand that while some projects can be afforded comfortable timeframes, others require rapid, streamlined processes. Specifying each milestones is a vital component.


We work with a range of client budget considerations from simple food packaging enhancements to highly complex and internationally supplied packaging ranges.


From stacking and storage efficiency to handling and transportation, these logistical factors need to be considered from the onset of each unique food packaging project.



Bringing ideas to life

In addition to our comprehensive product range, we have an unrivalled grasp of the manufacturing capabilities of its supply partners across the world and the product specialities of each. Our bold thinking approach underpinned by technical product expertise enables us to assess if best fit products or concepts exist that could be deployed to cut development time. If something completely new is required, we will design a uniquely tailored product and match the requirements to our best fit supply partner.

Our creative resources

Having such an expansive range of creative resources available to us enables us to move quickly – without cutting any corners. In addition, none of our resources remain static – our product range, range of suppliers, product knowledge and design capabilities are continually evolving and adapting to the packaging market. The central theme running through all these resources is the value we place on innovation and embracing new opportunities and technology.


As a business, we have over 20 years of experience. We’re also lucky to have a team that have an incredibly detailed knowledge of packaging in the UK’s grocery and foodservice markets.


Our core, standardised product collection will often feature the ideal packaging solution, or a selection of  products that can be adapted as needed to more unique specifications.


We insist on exclusively working with packaging suppliers and manufacturers who embody quality and reliability and well as being at the forefront of the latest packaging technologies.


For many of our clients, we are able to streamline various packaging design and artwork processes through providing in-house artwork – when needed and to the level required.


Stock that runs like clockwork

We aim to impress all our customers with great food packaging backed by a flexible and highly responsive delivery capability. We reduce stock fluctuations by taking a proactive approach and overseeing supply. We can set up usage forecasts that factor in promotions and tailor a matching delivery schedule, or set up call-off deliveries from our BRC Grade AA certified warehouse. Within our passionate customer service team, you will have a dedicated customer account manager to oversee your ongoing requirements as a single point of reference. This commitment to customer service has remained central to our strong client retention and overall business growth.


Key deliverables

In the grocery and foodservice industries, we fully understand how important it is to have total peace-of-mind and confidence in the reliability of your supply chain. That’s why we pay such close attention to the accuracy of our own stock management as well the reputation and logistical precision of our suppliers and manufacturers. By assessing our key deliverables, we aim to provide consistent dependability, backed-up by a proactive approach that’s driven by accuracy of data and stringent attention to detail.


By working closely with our vast warehouse facility and through close ties to our suppliers, we aim to provide total delivery reliability – providing stock that is on-time and in perfect condition.


We routinely ask for customer feedback in the form of reviews and customer insight surveys – essential for monitoring customer satisfaction and striving for continuous improvement.


We understand the importance of logistical flexibility. As such, we can facilitate a range of stock delivery options with tailored schedules that incorporate various forecasting criteria.


After delivery of goods, our account managers provide continued support, managing repeat orders, shaping delivery schedules and finding solutions to new packaging challenges.

Angus Soft Fruits

"I've been working with Westpak for a number of years. The products are high quality and delivery always on time. They are always very helpful when trying to source new products and will do everything to meet our needs".
Minor, Weir and Willis

"A pleasure to deal with the team at Westpak having been suppliers to us for many years. Always happy to help and bringing innovative ideas to the table.".

"All the team at Westpak are always very helpful from the start of the ordering process until the delivery is completed, everyone is very knowledgeable and always do their best to facilitate any requests".
The Fresh Produce Centre

"I cannot speak highly enough of Westpak's dedication, professionalism and knowledge of the industry. They always deliver on time and work tirelessly on any new product development projects put their way".
Foodbuy UK

"Westpak went above and beyond to support us, ensuring all items were delivered in full and to the highest standard. The efficiency, dedication, level of support, detail and accountability they showed impressed us".

Clients we're proud to serve

We work with companies across the supply chain for the grocery and foodservice industries and are proactive in overseeing the supply of goods to reduce stock fluctuations. We are able to initiate live product usage forecasts that reflect supermarket promotions, set-up regular standing orders, or trigger agreed phone call reminders to check stock levels. For our foodservice clients, who require low quantity orders, we are happy to assist in highlighting our network of trusted nearby wholesalers who will be happy to accommodate their requirements.


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