Westpak are proud to be a ‘Smarrt Supporter’ of the Rapid Relief Team’s ‘Operation 322’, Delivering Aid to Ukraine

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The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) is a charity offering tangible support and resources to humanitarian crises. As a reposes to the situation in Ukraine, the organisation has launched what it called ‘Operation 322’ with the purpose of delivering essential supplies to those displaced by the crisis.

Within a few short weeks from the launch of the initiative, the operation has far exceeded its initial target with the charity recently reporting that it has successfully raised over £1 million thus far. This level of funding has enabled more than twenty-eight truckloads of essential aid support to be delivered to people in Ukraine and those who have sought refuge. The essential items delivered has included food boxes, baby care kits including formula milk and nappies, blankets and bottled water.

The operation has relied upon an impressive coordinated effort of RRT volunteers across the UK, Germany, France and Sweden showing the scale of the projects and the level of logistical processes involved.

At Westpak, we’re proud to have donated to the fantastic work of the RRT as they deliver such vital assistance. If you would like to support to RRT then visit You can also click on the video link below to watch some of the key milestones of Operation 322 so far.


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We’re proud to be a 2022 ‘Smarrt Supporter’ of the Rapid Relief Team’s ‘Operation 322’, Delivering Aid to Ukraine