Wrapped Cutlery

Our sealable paper wrapped cutlery bags were vital for a number of foodservice chains during the Coronavirus pandemic, helping to maintain and adhere to strict levels of hygiene. These wrapped cutlery bags continue to offer a range of fantastic benefits. Manufactured from Kraft paper, they are also a highly sustainable option with impressive recyclable and compostable credentials.

Sustainable and hygienic wrapped cutlery with proven logistics and customer usability

Enhanced hygiene

Our wrapped cutlery bags offer fantastic hygiene my minimising the handling of non-disposable restaurant cutlery sets.


We have a proven track record of supply wrapped cutlery bags to numerous restaurant locations across the UK at short notice.


Our wrapped cutlery bags are immediately available and our team ready for enquiries. We also oversee rigorous and accurate stock management.


Manufactured from Kraft paper, these sealable cutlery bags are recyclable and industrially compostable.

Supply chain

Our supply chain is AA certified to BRC Storage & Distribution. We’re also registered to ISO 9001 status and Sedex members.


Available at a standardised 100x260mm size, our wrapped cutlery bags are available in both Kraft and white colour options.

Supply Chain Management

Numerous factors have recently affected global supply chains generally, with card and paper based packaging materials being particular adversely affected. These factors have been outlined in detail in one of our latest articles which you can read here. However, through our robust network of highly dependable suppliers and manufacturing partners, we are ready to process your enquiries and orders. As always, we would encourage enquiries to be sent to our team at the earliest opportunity for processing. 

Wrapped Cutlery Sustainability

Sustainability has never been higher on the agenda for the food packaging industry, both in the UK and internationally. As such, it’s more vital than ever to utilise packaging materials that offer clear environmental benefits and fulfil the high expectations around sustainability that consumers rightly expect from retailers. Assessing packaging sustainability can be complex, but our kraft range is one of our clear leading material options for advancing sustainability across the grocery industry.

Find out more about our wrapped cutlery

Our team are available to answer any further questions you may have about our range of wrapped cutlery bags or any other items across our grocery and foodservice packaging ranges.

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