PRESS RELEASE | Westpak’s new ‘StikLok’ delivery bags provide innovative solution to takeaway tampering.

Westpak Group Ltd have unveiled their latest foodservice packaging innovation. The new ‘StikLok’ range of ‘tamper-evident’ delivery bags have been developed to reduce customer complaints of missing food, reduce operation costs and provide a reliable solution to safeguard against food tampering. These recyclable paper bags are available in many sizes, with or without handles and can accommodate printing for full brand impact.

PRESS RELEASE | Westpak introduce ‘HeatWave’ pizza packaging innovation to heat up product performance

Westpak have launched a breakthrough new packaging innovation that greatly improves the heat retention of delivery and takeaway pizzas. Known as ‘HeatWave’, this latest packaging innovation creates a raised and aerated platform, minimising heat dissipation through the base of takeaway pizza boxes. The product offers impressive heat retention figures as well numerous practicality and environmental benefits.

PRESS RELEASE | Westpak unveil latest packaging ranges at ‘Packaging Innovations 2024’

Westpak recently unveiled a series of innovative and environmentally sustainable new food packaging innovations at the 2024 Packaging Innovations exhibition. Westpak’s expansive exhibition stand saw the unveiling of new packaging ranges including ‘StickLok’ tamper-evident takeaway bag, ‘HeatWave’ thermal pizza box liners, ‘AgriBlend, foodservice containers manufactured form agricultural waste and a number of other innovative new packaging additions.

Westpak introduce tamper-evident delivery bags to UK’s foodservice market

Westpak Group Ltd are pleased to unveil their latest foodservice packaging innovation. Our new ‘tamper-evident’ delivery bags feature a strong adhesive seal to safeguard against food tampering. These paper-based carry bags are immediately available through our renowned, highly reliable supply chain. The UK’s foodservice takeaway and delivery market remains incredibly strong. Research has shown, in […]

WRAP calls on more food and drink businesses to act on water

In November 2021, WRAP launched the Water Roadmap with the support of 65 stakeholders and food businesses, embarking on a collective journey to address water risk in our food & drink supply chain. The Roadmap is a key implementation framework for the Courtauld Commitment 2030 water target that 50% of the UK’s fresh food is sourced from areas with sustainable water management.

Young people demand a fairer transition to Net Zero argues Co-op

Young people have revealed concerns that the pathway to Net Zero will exacerbate the class divide, according to new research from Co-op and its charity, the Co-op Foundation. The study explored the views of 16-24 year olds when thinking about the journey to Net Zero, including the risks and opportunities for young people.

Is recycling safe from the UK culture wars?

The UK’s culture wars are a bit like quicksand – once something falls in, it can be almost impossible to drag it away. These partisan battlegrounds rarely explore the complexities of the issues they latch on to, with environmental debates often centre-stage. But recycling seems to be different. For now, at least, recycling has no enemies. Why is this so and will this continue to be the case?