Westpak shortlisted at the 2023 Footprint Awards

Westpak Group Ltd. Crave foodservice packaging. Fish & chip shop.

Westpak Group Ltd have been confirmed as shortlisted for the category of ‘Innovations in Packaging’ at the 2023 Footprint Awards. This nomination centres on the key manufacturing and sustainability innovations behind Westpak’s ‘Crave’ foodservice packaging range. The Footprint Awards are run by ‘Foodservice Footprint’, a leading online website, community and publication resource providing in-depth insights […]

Tesco removes two billion pieces of plastic from its business

Tesco has confirmed it has now removed more than two billion pieces of plastic from its UK business since the launch of its 4Rs packaging strategy in 2019 (‘Remove, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’). In the last 12 months, the supermarket has identified and removed 500 million pieces of unnecessary plastic.

Dedicated GAIL’s Bakery areas to be introduced to 64 Waitrose shops

Gail's bakery in Waitrose store

Waitrose is also doubling the range of GAIL’s sourdough breads and other craft baked goods they stock, adding new lines from award-winning crackers to baguettes, bagels and muffins. The move follows a successful trial in three Waitrose shops at the end of last year. Aileen Kell, Waitrose Bread Buyer said; “The GAIL’s brand is really […]

Has ‘sustainability’ become a packaging cliché?

‘Sustainability’ has become a major component of the consumer mindset throughout the foodservice packaging industries and beyond. The downside to this rapid increase in awareness has become clear, with the market being flooded with clichéd terminology and near-meaningless declarations of environmentalism. Large amounts of sustainability terminology are in danger of not just being misleading, but losing meaning altogether.

Tesco’s landmark LEAF Marque certification

Tesco has announced the completion of its landmark roll-out of LEAF Marque certification, with all of its UK fruit and veg growers now certified to robust environmental standards, working towards whole-farm, continuous improvement in areas including climate resilience, biodiversity, soil health, greenhouse gas emissions, and deforestation.

Sainsbury’s introduces ‘Taste Me, Don’t Waste Me’ boxes to reduce food waste

Sainsbury's 'Taste Me Don't waste Me' Fruit & Veg Box

Sainsbury’s is introducing ‘Taste Me, Don’t Waste Me’ fruit and vegetable boxes in over 200 selected supermarkets across the country, following a successful trial. These boxes will include a variety of surplus fresh fruit and vegetables and will be sold for a lower price to help customers have access to affordable nutritious food.