Is recycling safe from the UK culture wars?

The UK’s culture wars are a bit like quicksand – once something falls in, it can be almost impossible to drag it away. These partisan battlegrounds rarely explore the complexities of the issues they latch on to, with environmental debates often centre-stage. But recycling seems to be different. For now, at least, recycling has no enemies. Why is this so and will this continue to be the case?

Sushi becomes UK’s fastest growing premium lunchtime treat

Tesco has announced that sushi is now so popular that it has become the UK’s fastest growing premium lunchtime main. Demand at the supermarket has grown so significantly that sushi has even replaced the smoked salmon sandwich as Britain’s favourite premium lunchtime treat.

One in five consumers wastes food just because they follow date labeling

HelloFresh has published a survey among consumers in Germany, the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands around food waste and its current labeling system. The results show that on average every second person throws away food at least once or twice a month (UK: 61.3%, NL: 53.8%, BE: 49.0%, DE: 44.1%, FR: 39.3%), every fifth simply because they follow the date labeling on the packaging – regardless of the quality.

Waitrose partners with Uber Eats to build on success of on-demand delivery

Waitrose is to grow its position in on-demand grocery shopping and the convenience sector after announcing a new multi-year partnership with Uber Eats. The partnership has now launched on the Uber Eats platform in five initial London stores. It will then roll out to more than 200 stores, including shops in Wales and Scotland.

Asda rolls out Café menu on Just Eat

Asda have announced their latest partnership with Just Eat which will see their Café menu available to 129 new locations. The roll-out follows a successful trial in 42 stores, taking the total number of locations to 171. In initial trials, thousands of customers placed orders each week with Pizzas proving to be the most popular item.

Starbucks to open sustainability learning and innovation lab

Starbucks has announced plans to develop a new sustainability learning and innovation lab at Hacienda Alsacia, in Costa Rica – the company’s global agronomy headquarters for research and development. The lab will serve as a learning hub for employees, students, researchers and industry leaders to innovate and scale sustainable solutions for issues including climate adaption and agricultural economics.

Westpak are ‘Highly Commended’ at the 2023 Footprint Awards

Westpak Group Ltd have been recognised as ‘Highly Commended’ for the ‘Innovations in packaging’ award at the 2023 Footprint Awards. Taking place on the 8th June at the at the RIBA headquarters in London, the awards ceremony celebrated the foodservice and hospitality sector’s leading responsible business initiatives across a total of 12 prestigious award categories.