Profitability, reliability, differentiation and sustainability… are these your foodservice packaging headaches?

Profitability, reliability, differentiation and sustainability – through close discussion with our foodservice customer-base, these pillars have emerged as the prominent issues facing the UK’s foodservice industry. As we’ve discovered, an innovative approach is the key to overcoming these distinct challenges. Profitability, as potentially the biggest challenge the industry faces, is shaped by a multitude of […]

Westpak are certified to ISO 9001 status

We’re delighted to confirm that we’re now registered to ISO 9001 status. This latest recognition joins our other range of certifications and including being Grade AA certified to BRC Storage & Distribution as well as our Sedex membership.

Proactively responding to market trends

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Part of Westpak’s interpretation of embodying an innovative approach is to always looks to respond to market trends as proactively as possible. We see it as our duty to ensure that we are both fully prepared for, and able to play a key role in shaping the latest developments of the UK’s food packaging industry.

How Will Packaging Change With ‘the Return To Normality’?

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PRESS RELEASE | OPINION PIECE.   Author accreditation: Westpak Group Ltd Much has been discussed about the inevitable changes in consumer behaviour during the Coronavirus pandemic and how this has affected the food packaging industry. But with the vaccine roll-out well underway and with dates provisionally marked in for the removal of lockdown measures, how will […]