Production-led innovation sparks opportunities for fresh produce packaging

The food packaging industry is a rapidly evolving landscape of continuous product innovation and sustainable technology. However, sometimes innovations at the point of food production itself can, in turn, spur innovation further up the supply-chain. Similarly, new technologies in fresh produce production and preservation can open new possibilities for existing packaging technology.

Heat Seal Card Punnets – a breakthrough in packaging sustainability

A series of new punnet and tray designs, launched by food packaging specialists Westpak Group Ltd, are offering retailers and suppliers across the grocery industry a set of commercially viable paper-based alternative to plastic punnets while maintaining strong compatibility with standardised heat-sealing tooling and machinery.

Sustainability remains your key priority in our latest survey

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We would like to sincerely thank everyone who took part in our latest client survey and whose feedback will play a fundamental role in shaping each element of our service as well as the product range we provide. We wanted to know your thoughts on your overall experience with Westpak as well as your experience when helped by one of our team of Westpak representatives.

Demystifying contemporary sustainability

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At Westpak, we pride ourselves on being true experts in sustainability. Part of this expertise lies in our understanding that sustainability is a highly complex topic driven by various considerations. To effectively assess these requirements, it’s essential to have a full understanding of the latest terminology, developments and principles that underlie the broader sustainability movement.

Maximising return from ‘pick your own’

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It’s easy to see why ‘pick your own’ (PYO) farms have remained so popular with Brits – visiting one of the UK’s many PYO farms provides an affordable afternoon out for families to soak up the sun, enjoy the outdoors and gather nutritious and delicious fresh produce.

Proactively responding to market trends

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Part of Westpak’s interpretation of embodying an innovative approach is to always looks to respond to market trends as proactively as possible. We see it as our duty to ensure that we are both fully prepared for, and able to play a key role in shaping the latest developments of the UK’s food packaging industry.

Harnessing recycled materials

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The distinction between ‘recyclable’ and ‘recycled’ materials is a key factor in assessing a product’s sustainability. Recyclable packaging is that which can be recycled at their ‘end-of-life’ stage.

How Will Packaging Change With ‘the Return To Normality’?

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PRESS RELEASE | OPINION PIECE.   Author accreditation: Westpak Group Ltd Much has been discussed about the inevitable changes in consumer behaviour during the Coronavirus pandemic and how this has affected the food packaging industry. But with the vaccine roll-out well underway and with dates provisionally marked in for the removal of lockdown measures, how will […]

Unravelling True Packaging Sustainability

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PRESS RELEASE | OPINION PIECE.   Author accreditation: Westpak Group Ltd Sustainability remains one of the core trends driving the UK packaging industry. However, ‘sustainability’ is a term that is often presented in broad terms as well as regularly being used interchangeably with a range of other terminology. This can create confusion amongst consumers and can […]