Grocery sustainability metrics have the potential to redefine the role of food packaging

It’s nearly a decade ago that the familiar ‘traffic light’ labelling system started appearing on supermarket items signalling key health metrics around calories, sugar, salt and fat content. Fast-forward to now, and a similar emphasis is emerging in the grocery industry around the signalling of environmental sustainability data for food items.

Tesco opens supply chain to innovative, sustainability start-ups

Tesco and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have launched a new accelerator programme aimed at pairing pioneering start-ups with Tesco suppliers, fast-tracking sustainability innovation in the supply chain to cut the environmental impact of food and support UK food security. ‘Innovation Connections’ will address a key barrier preventing promising sustainability innovations from being adopted at […]

Production-led innovation sparks opportunities for fresh produce packaging

The food packaging industry is a rapidly evolving landscape of continuous product innovation and sustainable technology. However, sometimes innovations at the point of food production itself can, in turn, spur innovation further up the supply-chain. Similarly, new technologies in fresh produce production and preservation can open new possibilities for existing packaging technology.

Aldi’s checkout-free concept store opens for public testing

Aldi, the UK’s fifth largest supermarket, has opened its first checkout-free store in London. The Aldi ‘Shop&Go’ concept store in Greenwich opened for public testing, having been tested by Aldi colleagues in recent months. The new trial store allows customers to complete their shop without scanning a single product, or having to go through a checkout.

Are grocery and foodservice still mutually exclusive?

Supermarket home delivery is something we’ve all become very accustomed to, and it’s easy to see why – determining the delivery date and time-slot for your weekly shop is the ideal convenience for fitting-in with our ever busy lifestyles. In addition to their convenience, these delivery services are also typically defined by their uniformity. That […]

Heat Seal Card Punnets – a breakthrough in packaging sustainability

A series of new punnet and tray designs, launched by food packaging specialists Westpak Group Ltd, are offering retailers and suppliers across the grocery industry a set of commercially viable paper-based alternative to plastic punnets while maintaining strong compatibility with standardised heat-sealing tooling and machinery.

Groceries in minutes… Packaging prepares for ultra-fast delivery.

Supermarkets providing home delivery is certainly nothing new. In fact, home delivery services in the UK stretch all the way back to the mid-nineties! What is more contemporary, however, is the trend of supermarkets and retailers partnering with major distribution and delivery providers to offer ultra-fast home-delivery capabilities. Recently, we’ve seen Co-op announce its partnership […]

Conflicting needs? How to reduce packaging while maintaining strength.

Cited as one of the four ‘Rs’ of recycling – ‘reduction’ is currently one of the key packaging objectives across the grocery and foodservice industries. Supermarkets are demonstrating their efforts to remove vast amounts of plastic packaging as well as introducing various refill stations across their stores. But while consumers have come to expect a significant reduction in packaging, the stresses of logistics and transport processes largely remain unchained.